Piha Beach Drive On Mahindra Scorpio 2021 Review with Highbeamcars.co.nz !

Piha Beach Drive On Mahindra Scorpio 2021 Review with Highbeamcars.co.nz !

Well a lot of you have noticed a car in the recent few months has been Mahindra and We are getting all sorts of questions about it probably the number one questions is?  Mahindra Scorpio what it like on the beach In New Zealand?


WE realized that Piha beach Auckland – North Island has started to run Mahindra’s on the beach places, that twigged a whole lot of interest for US but the Mahindra itself has been a twigging interest for us . Now before we go any further we need to stay by this just because we know a whole lot of people are going to write silly things here we are not paid by Mahindra no way at all or paid by any Bad Credit Car finance Company in Nz.

Summers have started in New Zealand and one of the top tier Bad Credit Car Loans Company with Guaranteed Approval dealerships in Auckland, New Zealand Highbeam Cars decides that they are going to take on Mahindra.

The lights have got to go on a little bit and that’s basically what this is about you have got the four-wheel driver journey in New Zealand. Trying to get ahead of the wave because we think this is a whole new wave coming through WE are going to give you a few tips the one’s just going to concentrate on the beach but its kind of hard. 

Mahindra made in India suitable for Piha beaches of New Zealand to experience the Wild West Coast and for sand driving definitely the worth drive, Well, first of all, you know That CEO of Highbeamcars Sanjit Singh Sethi  owner of high beam cars  loves fishing and he’s got a Mahindra Scorpio 4 wheel drive and he uses it on the beach and he reckons it’s awesome Why? A whole lot of reasons first of all what you are looking at  


here is much more industrial version of a dual than the things you are used to you know the monocoque pagers and prados and all the rest of it this thing is built on a full ladder chassis it’s got leaf suspension at the rear it’s got a full one ton carrying capacity  up the back it’s also got a 2.2 litre diesel with no cam belts it’s got a proper chain drive the sort of stuff I love to be honest that’s based on a tractor engine that’s because Mahindra is the world’s largest tractor seller did you hear that they sell more tractor in the whole world than any other company now that’s probably a good reason why you haven’t had a whole lot to do with Mahindra unless you are a framer but I can tell you that motor which is a shares a whole lot of parts with the tractor engines beautifully smooth – beautifully quiet and it’s  got a couple of tractor like characteristics that make it work on the beach.


Now Mahindra Scorpio Is it’s really Torquey?

it’s got a lovely Torquey feel it’s so relaxed and the other it’s really cheap on fuel those kind of things make you and Other Mahindra Owners very happy. I can tell you, it also has a mechanical  self-actuating 


Eaton rear locking diff now how does that work on the beach?

I  will tell you how it works because even a bunny can back it up and drive away in soft sand and probably not even realize. The different lock came on that, is a major point in Scorpios favour I can tell you but there’s a whole lot of other things too from the floor height to the fact that it’s got big windows to the  fact that your rear seat passengers have got bucket of room they are looking out big windows this is at the end of the day a really practical vehicle now I am not the only one to have realized this.


There’s  Bad Credit Car Dealers all over Auckland New Zealand  suddenly wanting to get on the Mahindra Scorpio Truck. If you want to call it that and off course there’s a lot of good reasons for it. There’s good  reason why Piha Beach are starting to usually hinder us it’s because they care about the environments and eco system. At the end of the day and do you know what you take a 79  series Toyota tray back with a v8 engine and then compare  it to the  Mahindra with its 2.2 it will carry the same stuff may be slightly slower you know it will do exactly the same job a whole lot easier because its lighter and at the end of the day  the running  costs are probably going to work out about a third and that’s before you chuck in the initial price you can get two of these for the price of one of them roughly.

okay things like I rang around I rang a few mates one of my mates up there on the service crew told me that and I knew this with uh land cruisers they basically have to replace the front discs and pads every 5000k’s constant abrasion rust all the rest of it you know and it wears the discs out and that’s it how are you going with the mahindras well we are not really sure we have got over 12 13 14 000k’s on and we still have not got there but it’s coming up soon what we have found out is that when we do  on machine the discs on the Mahindra because they are so big and solid they go back on the spare parts counter they get another run out of them

so there’s a whole bunch of reasons why we suggest and like the Mahindra on the beach. One of them is just sheer relaxation of driving something as easy as this to drive on the beach this has got a six speed manual transmision and when you put that into low range through a Borg and water transfer case, we are not talking cheap components here we have  got the best of everything and you put that into a beach or a sand environment you know the inland tracks through oil and stuff like that you are just jogging along in your selection of gears you can take off this is a six-  speed manual you can take off in second or third You will happily scooting down the beach. Pushing to  sixth gear takes you 60 70 kilometers an hour if you want it or you can just go into high range  when the tides out.

I guess there’s gear for every situation  so far we can  see why people are getting excited about the Mahindra as a beach as sand island vehicle. I finally think someone has come up with something that’s sort of I might replace my old Toyota with one day I better not say that too loud but have a look you will be surprised. Love Mahindra Scorpio – Call for Test Drive Today – 0508000999 or inquire at [email protected]

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